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(adj) to be high on a stimulant. Usually cocaine.
That strippers eyes are so big and shes moving so fast that she has to be geeked out.
by Jacob Perrotta December 28, 2004
1) To suddenly be in a state of fully functioning to non-functioning.
1)We drank until we puked and then we all conked out.
3)I heard a pop come from the blender right before it conked out.
by Jacob Perrotta December 28, 2004
Word used on the street in place of 'gun'

aka. heat
This jacket is heavy. He must be carrying some hardware.
by Jacob Perrotta December 29, 2004
a combination of corny and horny. Used to describe a person that is disconnected from current dating lingo and hasn't been laid in a very long time as a result.
"Check out that old guy in the leisure suit hitting on those college girls, hes so chorny."
by Jacob Perrotta December 29, 2004
(n.) A Catastrophe or Accident caused by inexperience or clumsiness. Marked by its huge amount of wasted time, effort and/or expense in the face of previously provided good advice.
1) 9/11 was a flungle by the Bush Administration.

2) I told you not to drink and fight. Your face is a total flungle.

3) My car was nice before I crashed it when it snowed. Now its a flungle.

4) The DMV is run like a flungle.
by Jacob Perrotta January 25, 2009
Overly large nipples on a woman.
She has a nice body but those flapjacks just don't cut it.
by Jacob Perrotta December 28, 2004

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