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2 definitions by Jacob Mitchell

Cheyenne, she is the most amazing person ever. Her life goes up and down but she always keeps her head up and moves on. She's the most beautiful person inside and out. She can make anyone laugh, she's hilarious. She's easy to fall in love with. Guys name Cole are often the best choice for her. She can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. She will help you with anything if she cares for you. She is very easy to love. She is just all around the most amazing person..
Guy 1: Is that Cheyenne?!

Guy 2: Yeah, bro. She's beautiful isn't she!?

Guy 1: Yes! I need to hit her up..

Guy 2: No you don't, Cole is my favorite underclassman. They'll fall in love together soon.
by Jacob Mitchell May 12, 2013
30 3
an edible substance which is produced in the vagina, it is best consumed in the first few minutes out of the body.
look, kirraly is eating her discharge
by jacob mitchell October 10, 2006
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