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Indy Racing League: A breakaway from CART which uses no turbo or superchagers on their cars, and thus the cars are cheaper. This was meant to allow lower funded teams to compete, but resulted in many incompetent teams and, in its early days, wrecks on the pace lap. The IRL's main event is the Indy 500, which used to be a CART event.
IRL drove me away from open wheel racing and back to NASCAR.
by Jacob November 12, 2003
Where the black/mexican people live.
I be livin on da streets G.
by jacob December 14, 2004
A adjective for anything beat up,nasty,played out,fell out the ugly tree,...displeasing to the eye really.
Sound it out...Ga ff led..now look at your self in the mirror while you say it.. That's the look. Damn,Gaffled aren't ya?
by Jacob June 07, 2004
holds the record for most weed smoked in a day.
the king of reggae music. from jamacia. required by his religion to smoke weed.
bob marley is my hero
by jacob July 03, 2006
short for moron. used by pecker necks with no life.
Dang it mehn, he's a mora!
by jacob September 09, 2003
An honorary titled bestowed on a master computer programmer by other computer programmers, one of the highest possible titles.
No examples needed, if you are worthy you will know what this means.
by Jacob December 28, 2003
a very hot bboy, 13, young HOTTTTTTTT and strongggg
intellgent, mixed with emotions, loves diana. hehehehehe
by Jacob March 12, 2005

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