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a person who has never eaten meatloaf and broadcasts it widely.
That guy won't shut up about dinner, he is such a Vanrouter.

Dude, that Vanrouter is all about the fruit and veg.
by jackson lester July 21, 2010
When the thigh on tight jeans gives out resulting in a material tear that exposes ones inner thigh. This generally occurs during wear in public places, although domestic occurrences have also been noted. Experiences are often distressing for the individual involved, commonly leading to embarrassment, anger, frustration, and, ultimately brand boycott.
Strauss Crack 1: OMG, that chick is showing a serious "Strauss Crack".

Strauss Crack 2: When I got off the bus I noticed I had a huge "Strauss Crack".

Strauss Crack 3: I can still remember my first "Strauss Crack". I told my boss I was feeling sick and left work immediately and took a cab home.

Strauss Crack 4: I am never buying those jeans again, they blew a "Strauss Crack" after two months!

Strauss Crack 5: The worst part of being Strauss Cracked is not knowing who's behind you.
by Jackson Lester February 21, 2011
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