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4 definitions by Jackie Treehorn

An improvised street weapon consisting of a billiard ball tied into the toe-end of a tube sock. The implement is swung, generally at high speeds, in such a fashion as to severely injure the victim.
Dude tried to snag my wallet, so I busted him upside the head with my trusty madball. Now he's whistling Dixie through the space where his front teeth used to be.

Also: Sean Penn used a variation of a madball in the classic 1983 prison flick "Bad Boys," where he puts a soda can in a pillow case and uses it to beat the shit out of Clancy Brown.
by Jackie Treehorn December 02, 2003
79 9
The ability to name, recognize, remember and/or recall every porno movie, picture, pornstar and moneyshot that you've ever laid eyes upon. (The greater the volume, the greater the commendation.)
See: Moneyshot
Sir Spanks-a-lot confidently deleted the recently downloaded Young-Dum and Full of Cum.mpg #5c, starring Aurora Snow, as his pornographic memory informed him that it was already stored on his computer's hard drive; cluster#: 43,600; sector# 165; Size: 133,455,000 bytes, et al.
by Jackie Treehorn March 07, 2004
71 13
1. The term given to any Aryan woman, who dates a black man.

2. When a black man has sex with a caucasian/Aryan woman.
Jackson was determined to avenge his ancestors' slavery. He attempted Kunta's Revenge on every blonde he met.
by Jackie Treehorn March 03, 2004
12 6
1. Receiving a blowjob, while taking a shit on a crystal toilet.

2. Taking a shit on a girl's face covered with plastic wrap , while receiving a blowjob at the same time.

2. A popular well drink: Tequila, Baileys, Half-&-Half and a chocolate egg served in a glass toilet mug.
Nadine gave good head, while I delivered a steamy, glass-bottomed--blumpkin on her cutesy but defiled, little face.
by Jackie Treehorn March 28, 2004
16 19