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3 definitions by Jackie & Emilie

When giving oral sex to a man for a long period of time, your jaw gets tired and you accidentally bite down. You may also do this purposefully if the man "gets kinky"
Jake: Why can't Dave walk?
Jay: Didn't you hear?
Jake: Hear what, man?
Jay: Evidentally he "got kinky" with Laura and she bit his weiner.
Jake: Ouch..Dave got the Cap'n Crunch.
by Jackie & Emilie August 03, 2004
18 43
Such a fierce buttox explosion that the methane all comes out at once. Causing the cheeks to fully seperate, and observers to flee.
Almost toxic.
As Jim went to light his cigarette, the extremelly large woman bending over in front of him let out a can opener causing the whole place to explode.
by Jackie & Emilie August 03, 2004
9 35
While many young women of our time have become attracted to men that happen to be gay, for pleasure, the men won't tell them that.
Therefore, when tasting the rainbow, a woman would be giving oral sex to a non-straight man.
Carl: Betsy got some action with Pablo last night.
Dick: But Isn't Pablo Gay?
Carl: Yep, guess she tasted his rainbow.
by Jackie & Emilie August 03, 2004
14 58