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A general term for any rapist, especially a serial rapist. Similar to Jack the Ripper, only he violently fucks people against their will instead of ripping them open with a knife.
Jill: "Well, it's getting late. I better go home now".

Mary: "Be careful when you pass those dark alleys. You never know if you'll run into Jack the Fucker".
by Jackette55 November 24, 2009
Videos on YouTube that are exceptionally stupid, primarily video blogs where the blogger goes on and on about nothing for an excessive 10 minutes (or more if it's a multi-part blog), in a boring, living room conversation format.
Jack: "Hey Phill, did you get that YouTube video I sent you?"

Phill: "You mean that video blog? That jerk-off took like an hour to say that he's not doing anything these days except failing to think of a better video to make. You're a jackass for even sending me that YouStupid video Jack".
by Jackette55 November 23, 2009

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