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4 definitions by Jackass Jim

sack that holds balls! and sperm
my ballsack is rather big today!
by Jackass Jim May 01, 2006
to plumb ones fanny.
mary ann may i plumb ur fanny? yea of course!!
im a fannyplumber
by Jackass Jim May 01, 2006
scally, chav, brick throwers, belfastians, wear scoopeed up hats.
that scally is bricking my window!!
by Jackass Jim May 01, 2006
Fried foreskin, in a Yorkshire Pudding, with gravy, somtimes semen, aka love gravy!
Matt: Emm, those were nice foreskin dumplings tonight

Chris: Yes, extra juicy with semen gravy hehe.
by Jackass Jim April 30, 2006