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-med is added onto the ends of people's or objects names/nicknames. Anyone can say it but you can only be a true med if you are accepted by the ultimate Youmed king and his apprentice Jackmed. Some may be half or quarter med if they are related to previous meds, but it is possible to gain full med-manship if you do something particularly epic or Youmed and Jackmed are feeling particularly happy and like you. You are most likely not accepted to be a med if you ask as a proper med does not need to beg for the honours to be a med. The meds are all lads and ladettes are can converse med-ly topics with each other such as FIFA. Although not all the meds actually know one another, they are a very tight knit community and support each other through difficult times. Some get jealous of meds as they can never be as cool as them, but they just have to deal with life
Person 1: OMG that guy is so cool
Person 2: he must be brilliant at FIFA
Person 1: how could someone be that cool?
Person 2: Idk, must be a med
by Jackanthe December 28, 2012

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