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The ass end of the Internet
Me: I went to /b/ the other day... My eyes will never be the same
by JackOSX March 14, 2010
Breast implants, typically low quality ones.
Dude 1: You see Jennifer?

Dude 2: Yeah the one with the iron tits!
by JackOSX February 23, 2010
Joint Army-Navy Screw Up

1. Generally used when the army and navy royally mess up.

2. Also used in first person shooters when you're on the losing team because your team mates aren't playing the game correctly.
1. Dave: Remember when the army and navy tried to invade the moon?

Bill: Yeah, man. They should have used space suits...

2. Jim: Great, I'm gonna level down after this because my teammates won't help me get the flag. What a JANSU
by JackOSX February 21, 2010

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