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1) The act of making a woman feel like a pig during sexual intercourse. At any point whilst taking the woman from behind, the man must wrap his arm around to the woman's face and pull her nose upwards by her nostrils using his forefinger and middle-finger. The man then has the option of either squealing like a pig or yelling the word 'oink!' repeatedly. Or continuing in silence.

2) The act of making a woman feel like a pig at any time other than during sexual intercourse. A man must approach any woman, at any time from behind; forcefully grasp her with his left arm so she cannot get away; with all his body weight, he must force her down so she is bent over; and then he must pull her head back towards him by her nostrils using the forefinger and middlefinger of his right hand.
Yo, you see that girl I brought home last night? I had serious pig sex with her!

Oh my god, did you see me try and have pig sex with that girl in Ocean? She wasn't having any of it!

Eurgh, she is so ugly. Her face is in a permenant state of pig sex.
by JackCp May 30, 2011

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