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A large blunt rolled using two philly cigars, put together legnthwise. Usually requires 2-3 grams of marijuana. Takes 30-40 minutes to finish the blunt.
"rolling two phillies together, in the bridge we call 'em oo-wops." --nas
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006
behavior charateristic of one under the influence of mushrooms.
"You see that guy on the basketball court who just stares at the lights, and never grabs the ball? Yeah, shroomy."
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006
Something that is not somewhat bullshit but rather completely and utterly bullshit.
Joe: Yo they said Sebastian Telfair was supposed to be good in the NBA.

Bob: No, Sebastian Telfair is straight ass.
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006

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