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The week a woman must stay single in public after a rebound to avoid being called a "whore" or a "slut"
Lisa broke up with Ben and started hooking up with Jack 10 minutes later. People claim that she is a whore because she didn't wait out the rebound week, but she claims that she and Jack are just friends with benefits.
by Jack Franzen January 10, 2009
In short, the act of looking for whores around town during whore season.

see whore whunting
I go whore hunting every week, especially during my rebound week. But that doesn't matter, im a guy, born to whore hunt
by Jack Franzen January 11, 2009
1. Hunting for whores during the whore season. Normally whore whunting results in finding amateur whores because all of the good whores would be finding you if they existed.

2.A favorite pastime of whore-mongers (also spelled whore monger.)

3.The most peaceful way to hunt, until you accidentally track down a prude woman.
1. Whore whunting at Bethany Beach is SO easy. The entire town is a square, my whore monger friends and I have the whole place covered!
by Jack Franzen January 11, 2009
An entire nomenclature spoken in parts of town where proper language is esoteric to the denizens of the area.

"Slang" is an array of all words rejected by popular dictionaries, for 1 reason(s). The first reason is due to the fact that hateful "slang" words "offended" the dictionary's editors, but only because such words described their girlfriends.
"Fuck" is not in most Spanglish-to-English dictionaries because, 9 times out of 10, it is used as slang
by Jack franzen January 31, 2009

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