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a sound effect used when playing a trick on someone or stealing something.

similar to yoink

see also skanchskoach
someone goes to shake your hand and you fold your thumb into your palm and exclaim "skloop, dead fish".

your friend has hot fries from McDonalds, you smell the sweet aroma and steal a fry while saying "skloop"

your mother has a mug of hot coffee in her hand. You decide to slap it out of her hand. This would be a perfect time to say "skloop"
by Jack Skirianos December 02, 2004
evolution of skoach.

A sound effect usually used to accompany an action which is beneficial to you but detrimental to your opponent/friend/mother.
in a game of chess you move you queen into checkmate position while exclaiming "SKANCH!"
by Jack Skirianos December 02, 2004
evolution of scooch.


1.) to move, usually used in the command form. "yo can you skoach out of the way."

2.) to win, "yo remeber when we played halo against those n00bs? we skoached them out.

3.) it is everything but its nothing.

see also: skanchskloop
Friend a: these n00bs think they can r0xxer us in halo.
Friend b: ok lets skoach it out

"oh man i totally got skoached."
by Jack Skirianos December 02, 2004
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