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1. Used to describe a music genre including Alternative/Rock/Punk elements. Include bands such as: The Smiths, Radiohead & The Libertines.

2. Clothes including Mod elements, often non-branded items. Indie kids may visit shops such as: Beyond Retro, Urban Outfitters or Fred Perry. Examples of indie clothes are: Pointy brown shoes, Skinny jeans, Polo tees or checked shirts, leather jackets.

3. Word mistakenly and wrongly used by underage kids to describe themselves as "cool". Often those who go to shops such as Topman, or read NME as it is so cool.

Indie Kid: How much did you pay for In Rainbows? They made more from this album than Hail to the Thief.

Scenester: Radiohead are soooo good, have you heard Paranoid Android? I read in NME

Indie Kid: Yes...

Normal Person: What clothes did you buy?

Indie Kid: Just a new pair of shoes and a Lyle & Scott t-shirt.

Scenester 1: We are so indie with our Topman hoodies, hey
can we go and buy NME to read the New Bands section?

Scenester 2: I know, Pigeon Detectives are going to be soooo good. We should also go to The Wombats, they're sickk.

Indie Kid: I've already seen the Pigeon Detectives by chance and they're really not that good... Try Babyshambles or The Cribs.

Scenester 1: Yeah The Cribs are quality. They played them in topman earlier. Hey is that song "Did you see the stylish kids in the riot...?" by Babyshambles or The Libertines?


Indie Kid: No that's not true... Anyway I have to go to the record store.

Scenester 3: Is that the one in Shoreditch? It's sooo indie there, let's go!

Indie Kid: *Hits Head on Bound Together book*
by Jack Penate Hater January 06, 2008

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