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4 definitions by Jack Moff

when huxley gives root a handjob and roots load hits him in the eye causing temporary blindness.
I filmed a ponjer last night.
by Jack Moff February 28, 2003
0 0
Nickname for Steve Milligan implying the fact that he does smoke meth, still.
Hey Milligram, what's up?
by Jack Moff February 28, 2003
2 3
The residue left on the keyboard after somebdoy masterbates during keyboarding class.
I hate going to Mrs. Thompson's class and seeing coopial all over the buttons.
by Jack Moff February 28, 2003
2 6
When preparing someone a mixed drink, you stir it with your own genetalia.Therefore, your genetalia is referred to as a "ramone"
I had to whip out my ramone to stir my mom's drink.
by Jack Moff March 03, 2003
25 38