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2 definitions by Jack Marr

Derived from the cheap generic products you can purchase from the supermarket home brand can be used as an adjective. If something or someone is home brand it may be cheap, lame or distasteful. When used in this context it generally has negative connotations.
"That guy is such a home brand"
by Jack Marr August 09, 2006
Over exageration.
This word can be used as a noun, adjective, exclaimation and verb.
1. (noun)"That guy is such a staf, he said he has 800 girls calling him every night"
2. (adjective)"That table is pretty staffed up"
3. (Exclaimation) "STAFS"
4. (Verb) "Look at bob staffing it up, he doesn't look that good."
by Jack Marr August 09, 2006