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2 definitions by Jack E. Daniels

To be Steven Tyler is to be an extremely sexual person without being considered repulsive. It's like a pervert..Who wears perversion well.

Not neccesarily calling Mr. Tyler a pervert, just a seamingly sexual person.
That Josh is such a Steven Tyler. I can't believe he just grabbed that girls boobs. He didn't even know her. She thought it was funny though. I heard they're dating now.
by Jack E. Daniels January 05, 2009
89 25
"Hell Wookie" is another word for "Republican" or a conservative of any kind. Not to be confused with space wookies, like chewbacca, who are cool.
That Sarah Palin is a Hell Wookie. That's why I'm not voting for her.
by Jack E. Daniels January 10, 2009
8 3