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A person who acts like your friend in public and social situations, but basically uses you and treats you like crap.
Jon: Dude, Devan Downey is so good at basketball!
Michael: Yeah, but Andy Roddick is THE MAN at tennis.
Dustin: Jack is good at everything!!!
Jack: uhh..thanks..?
Dustin: Hey Jack, can I see your answers, I was really busy last night and I had practice and all.
Jack: Um yeah sure.
Dustin: Thanks man, you're the best.
*Jack stands in a circle of conversation*
*Dustin walks right in front of him and pushes him out of the circle*
Jack: Hey Dustin, I woke up late this morning and didn't have time for breakfast. Can I please have some of those cheez its?
Dustin: no
Jack: Jeez, what a public friend..
#frienemy #jerk #player #backstabber #rival #imposter #convenience friend
by Jack Daniels Moore February 05, 2010
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