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2 definitions by Jack Cole

1) Medium-sized, blackand white stirped mammals resident in the northern hemishpere.

2) The mascot of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

1) Wow, that badger attacked me in the woods!

2) GO BADGERS!!! On Wisconsin!
by Jack Cole January 31, 2006
Generally, bassoon players have very little luck in love and very little action in bed. This word can define a player's personality, or be used as an insult, when said to someone very much the same way Bugs Bunny says "What a maroon!"
Trombonist: "You're such a dork."
Clarinetist: "At least I've got a girlfriend, you bassoon."
Trombonist: "Ouch, no need to get nasty."
by Jack Cole March 18, 2005