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A 'silly' person. It is used as a more harsh form of 'idiot' but not quite as offensive as implying they have some form of mental retardation. It is a mild level insult basically.
Dillan: Do you want cheese or ham in your sandwich?

Jack: Cheese please.

(Dillan puts ham in the sandwich)

Jack: (Upon realising there is ham in the sandwich) Oh Dillan you nonger.
by Jack (JAM) April 11, 2008
Someone who is Gormless but you want to use a differant, more interesting term. (eg. Putting 'ster' on the end) The advantage to using this insult is that no one will no one what it means! (Not a Guarantee)
Matt: Hey Jack, you smell funny!

Jack: You're a complete gormster Matt.

Matt: What?
by Jack (JAM) April 11, 2008
It's a sarcastic way of saying Hoorah. By putting 'Bloody' in the middle everyone will know that you are not ecstatic with the current event that is taking, or will be taking place. For best results use a rolling eye action or raised eyebrow expression. Who ever said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit?
Ben: Hey! Lets go and listen to the Lion King theme music over and over again!

Rachel: Whats wrong with you?

Ben: (Ignoring) Excellent! We can all listen to it!

Jack: Harbloodyrah...
by Jack (JAM) April 11, 2008

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