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1. Usally a female from the midwest, who hangs outside roadhouses in order to claim her fill of cum. In rare occurrances, some may be male of not from the midwest.

2. An insult used by a select few people, usually from Montana.
1. "Dude, i got head from this cum guzzling roadhouse whore, it was AWESOME!!!"

2. "You cum guzzling roadhouse whore" said Spencer to his gf's son.
by Jack's Fat Ass July 21, 2009
The act of losing at billiards (pool) repeatatively by hitting the 8 ball in at the wrong time.
Dude, I keep pulling a grandma.. I'm going to lose so much money if I keep this up.
by Jack's Fat Ass July 21, 2009
Used to express excitement.
a: "I just won thirty bizzillion dollars!"
b: "Dude, that bangs cakes!"
a: "I know!"
by Jack's Fat Ass July 22, 2009

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