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right there is a chain of chavs at the top, gangstas who are the ones tat were bandanas and jeans and mostly topless or with a tanktop and are usally black and really cool, failed gangstas/chavs the one that made that look brtish(shit)burberry and lonsdale shit,failed chavs(the ones that are racist mother fuckers tht are really annoying)who go around sayin were the best innit you fuckin greebo,failed failed chavs charlie p from rednock
Charlie L(hes kl):hey u failed failed chav
Charlie P(wanker):hey fuck off im gonna cry now and be a faggot
by Jables a.k.a james alvis May 19, 2007
random ouburst made by sasquatches in billy and mandy now used by greebos(who r awesomey)at rednock as either a random out burst or to scare the shit into someone.
example one

Charlie:hey jables!
Jables(James):RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!!
Charlie:what the fuck mon

example 2

Dickwad:(walking along)tum ti tum, doo do doo
Jables:(jumps out of a bush)RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!!!!
Dickwad: what the fuck u crazy leprichaun
Jables:(super pissed cuse he is half irish)FUCK U DICKCHEESE U LIL CUNT SUCKING OTHER FUCKER(and is now beating him to death with a thimble
by Jables a.k.a james alvis April 30, 2007

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