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A form of sexual pleasure that people perform when they can't get enough sex. Some people do it several times a day. Others do it weekly or maybe even monthly.
Man, I can't get enough sex, I think I'll go masturbate.
Dude, I'm bored, I'm gonna go masturbate.
#jerkin' the gherkin #polishing the banister #cranking the shank #cleaning your rifle #pumping the python
by J_man May 19, 2008
American Eagle Outfitters - clothing brand
That AEO t-shirt is cool.
#clothing #fashion #abercrombie #hollister #abercrombie and fitch
by J_man August 06, 2008
a circular shaped disk or frame that revolves on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery
The wheels on the bus go round and round...

The steering wheel controls the direction of travel.

A wheelie is when the driver rides on the rear wheel(s) of a vehicle.
#car #bicycle #motorcycle #wheelchair #steering wheel
by J_man October 07, 2009
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