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3 definitions by J__B

The scientific study of dildos and their usage by and effect on society.
Bob has a master's degree in dildography.
by J__B January 28, 2006
A hairstyle preferred by older caucasian men, hippies, burnouts, and doofuses.

Example, see: Bob Ross, American painter (1942-1995)
Bob Ross has an enormous head of hair. You might even say he has an Anglofro.
by J__B January 23, 2006
Fedbait is a public statement made verbally or electronically that is meant to entice the Federal government to suspect you are either a spy, a terrorist, or an otherwise unstable person, and therefore to spy on you.
We were at a non-violent marijuana-reform march when Eric started chanting, "F-B-I, C-I-A, F-U-C-K Y-O-U!" It was blatant Fedbait.
by J__B January 31, 2006