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1 n. You can call yourself this if you can dodge/deflect/stop bullets ad wear tight shades.
2 n.a matrix nerd who calls himself this to be "way cool *snort*"
Computer - "Wake up, Neo."
The One - "No, I was having that arousing dream about my mom."
by Jz Theory June 25, 2003
a non existant band cooked up by ramzi ghazaleh/ramzi and jeff zhao
Jeff Zhao: "Rebirth ain't goin nowhere"
by JZ Theory June 25, 2003
wow...i was actually pretty good at cs...to think my twin sucks. shit thats bad.
"I hate my name!! I has been defiled! You suck will, even though you're the praiser."
by JZ Theory June 25, 2003
A shorter way to write Jeff Zhao. Sounds less like a china man name.
"Yo, JZ, ma nigga!"
by JZ Theory June 25, 2003

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