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Melodistic (other forms of the word: Melodistically, Melodisticous, or Melodistically-Dramatic) Music that is sadistically dramatic in a good way, often used to describe semi or fully symphonic bands, or bands that use moving/dramatic Synths.
1. Omg The Devil Wears Prada they sound so melodistic!

2. Dudeeee that was so melodistic
3. What A Melodistically-Dramatic song
by JXtreame December 27, 2009
Strisexual - it's the orientation between Straight and Bisexual

To be between straight and bisexual certain aspects of each life style appealing and revolting the life stylee.

In a nutshell this can be viewed as being bisexual but in reality this is not at all being bisexual, despite the similarities. This causes alot of confusion.
"That girl over there is making out with that other girl but i heard that she's straight."

"No you dummy she's Strisexual, its between straight and bisexual."
by JXtreame February 10, 2010

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