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A part of normal weekend life at James Madison University (JMU)in Harrisonburg, VA. The Drunk Buses run from 10 PM-3 AM every Friday and Saturday night, taking young partiers to every major off-campus apartment complex in Harrisonburg. The drunk bus is usually filled to the brim with people....not so fun sober, but awesome and a good way to meet people when you're good and drunk. Things one may witness on the drunk bus include, but are not limited to:

1) Pole dancing.
2) Random making out.
3) Orgies.
4) Belligerence and fights.
5) Vomiting.
6) Buswide singing to "Livin' on a Prayer."

Why the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transit enables such inebriation, we don't know...but hey, we aren't complaining.
Bob: "Oh man, I wanna hit up the parties at Trashby, but some bitch stole my car!"

Drew: "No prob man, we'll just hop on the 10:30 drunk bus"

Bob: "Oh, holla"
by JTizzle4Shizzle January 20, 2006

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