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Contrary to popular, and largely heterosexual, male jock belief, a good anal fucking can be rather pleasurable. Rinse it down, lube it up and away you go.

Rather than pillow biting (or being a pillow biter) due to the excrutiating pain experienced after bumping into some well hung stud in the local bar and taking it dry, one may pillow bite to muffle the screams of intense pleasure that can be experienced as the said hung stud bangs away at ones prostate.

Ladies, you might like to try the rinse-and-lube technique. Just one tip, rinse 45 minutes beforehand to avoid embarassing leaks!
"I was screaming so much that I was scared to wake my neighbours and turned into a raging pillow biter"

"I'm warning you, he is fit as hell but screams like a bitch and transforms himself into a regular pillow biter pre-orgasm"
by JTOli July 31, 2006

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