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5 definitions by JT money

Best damn college in Pennsylvania
Hell's yeah i go to IUP, you can't handle my skittles.
by JT MONEY November 19, 2003
Could quite possibly be the greatest pinstriper ever. A tortured artist like myself, but raped by the mass media in a frenzy to wear clothing with his name on it when they really have no idea who he is, or how much he was against the mainstream.
dick: Hey I'm wearing Von Dutch cause I wanna be cool.

smart guy: Uhhh do you even know who Von Dutch was?

dick: Von Dutch isn't a person! It's clothing, Idiot!

smart guy: I'll be layin' ya down real quite like.*blows dick away with a shotgun*
by JT Money March 07, 2005
the most ghey of all gangstas...
see rap artist: 50 Cent
Yo man, that gheyngsta is really throwin down some heavy penis in that guy's ass...yea, he learned that in jail, lol!!#1!1
by JT money October 17, 2003
An amalgamation of body parts known to sing songs and act as a catalyst for zany antics
That darn bradchad sure is a catalyst for zany antics!
by JT Money February 14, 2004
ay gay word made up by a L.a rapper that goes by the name Anthony aka abnormal...
chea i love cassidy and its Strictly Business yah get that...
by jt money March 01, 2005