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1) when you manage to disrupt an entire dinning hall by throwing bannas, salt, ice, and cups at people
2) when you make a girl cry by crushing her ice cream cone onto a plate
3) when you squeal strangly at cute panda bears
Shannon: So guess what Lexi did today?
Jenny: Oh...she was pulling a Hannah wasn't she?
Shannon: Yea, she threw bananas because i didn't reply to her texts
Jenny: Of course, always pulling a Hannah.
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011
(v.) when you walk up to a boy you have been crushing on and say "Hey, we're dating" and then establish a relationship with said boy. The boy has no choice but to say yes.
Kyle: Hey
Hannah: Hey, so, we're dating.
Kyle: Um...yes,let's get dinner.
Hannah: Good

Sarah: Hey did you hear with Hannah did?
Shannon: Oh she was pulling a suma.
Sarah: Yep she did
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011
1) A guy named Bezan, is usually smarter than he thinks he really is, has an amazing girlfriend whom he loves dearly, is really good at Calculus and mechanical engineering but can't count sometimes, caring, kind, cute, funny, silly, sometimes a dingus, has a great personality, expresses his opinion loudly whether you like it or not, great cuddler, plays guitar and write songs well, adorable. He has beautiful brown eyes and his laugh is contagious. Also likes to joke around alot. Just Amazing.
2) An Indian name for a really attractive guy, whom is also Indian
3) A biscuit
4) A type of cereal
Girl one: Hey who's your boyfriend?
Girl two: His name is Bezan, he's amazing.

Shannon: Hey what are you eating?
Hannah: Kellog's Bezan Bran
Shannon: Cool story bro
by JT Santiago November 29, 2011
what you call someone when you are angry and in a controlling mood...or what you call someone when you want to get slapped.
Mom: Wu!!!! get yo ass up here and do your Biology and Chemistry.

Daughter: *laughs*

Boy: Wu!!!!!
Girl: *Slaps the boy really hard*
Boy: *Smiles* ow
by JT Santiago November 29, 2011
A girl named Shannon, is a awesome person who sleeps to much, is silly, loves cats, and to play xbox. Giggles at the weirdest things. Loves to recycle and do the right thing for the enviroment. Loves to make random outbursts during a serious movie. She is pretty, caring, kind, and a really good friend. She will listen to all your problems and make the best out of every situation. Usually Italian and Polish and likes to sleep in random places.
Hannah: Hey where's Shan?
Rebecca: Being shannon
Hannah: Oh ok

Boy1: I was playing xbox with that one girl
Boy 2: Oh, you mean Shannon?
Boy 1: yes, she loves cats
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011

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