1 definition by JStephenC

Someone Who is Hated by most people, someone who is egotistic when they clearly have no reason to be, someone who is annoying, someone who is a complete loser, they tend to be ugly, being around them for more then five minutes can result in suicidal thoughts, they kind of just float around(not literally but metaphorically), someone who's idea of fun or " Cool " is completely off and far from being " Cool", they tend to lack common sense(or the delta brain wave), and have the same sense of humor of that of a rock

close to a Chud, Mook, or goober
" Oh god look at that krimp, he thinks he's so damn cool "

It can also be used as an Adjective. Example
" Look at that kid just krimppin around "
by JStephenC January 09, 2009

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