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Military term used by straight up soldiers to confirm commands and comments stated by others in the unit. Can also be used to attract attention when necessary; to affirm objectives and to carry out other such tactical manouvres.
Used by JSO, Shabz, Sqa and other Blue Point members, and also rapper Shyne.
"What you sayin, Jebus"
"Jus chillin man"
"You tear up that dickwad that was fakin thug las Friday?"
"G'yeah nigguh!"
by JSO October 11, 2004
The sickest motherfucker born since sliced-fucking-bread
"Man, that JSO nigguh is sick"
"No fucking shit, Sher-fucking-lock"
by JSO October 11, 2004
The hottest chillout spot in the whole of Europe including the fucking Mediterranean. Rep it til we die, motherfuckers.
Soldiers include JSO, Shabz, and Sqa
"Yo, who's that nigguh chillin at Blue Point. He a Pointer?"
"Nah nah"
"Let's fuck him up, son."
"Fo show, nigguh"
by JSO October 11, 2004
The evillest nigguh to creep on this blue fucking planet since my man Jebus. All blacked up and tinted outl you can't ever see him.
(See JSO and Sqa for further information)
"Yo, you see that nigguh Shabz?"
"Fuck no, I aint seen him. No-one has"
"Well anyway, he's magged out his bike and shit"
by JSO October 11, 2004
The other baddest motherfucker on the planet. G'yeah nigguhs!
See JSO for further information.
"I heard that JSO nigguh and my boy Sqa destroyed another big fuckoff crew all by their fucking lonely. G'yeah"
"Nah, Shabz jumped in too"
"Still, mayn"
by JSO October 11, 2004
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