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The real definition: As you jizz in a girls mouth you karate chop her in the neck with both hands at the same time (on opposite sides of the neck) causing the spooge to spew out of her nose creating the dragon bubble.
The other D-bag that can't even spell has no comprehension of the correct definition of the dragon bubble.
by JRatt March 01, 2005
The mix between a Badunkadunk and an Onion. Both of which symbolize a girl with a nice thick ass that would make a grown man cry (onion). The beauty of the word Ba-donion is that you can say it and not sound all stupid and trendy like the d-bags that can't come up with their own original sh!t.
Oh word, look at that Ba-donion!!

Yo pimpin, I would wear out that Ba-donion!!
by JRatt March 03, 2005
Noun: A girl that possesses a little bit of big bonededness in all the right places (usually thighs and ass) but not in the gut area, arms, neck, etc. (See Beyonce for a nice example of a Thickera.)
Damn Son, peep that thickera over there, I wanna zooma zoom zoom in her boom boom.
by JRatt March 03, 2005
The mix between Badunkadunk and Onion. Both of which symbolize a girl with a nice thick, round ass.
Word son, peep the luscious ba-donion on shorty over there.

That ba-donion is clappin!!
by JRatt July 06, 2005
A sexy asian female with a thick ass and big titties. Can be hard to come by in many areas.
Damn, that girl working at the cleaners had that curvasian persuasion.
by JRatt June 21, 2005
A layer of buttery cheese commonly found on a sorostitute's back, just above her waist that usually shows signs of dunlap disease and may or may not be accompanied by a large stripper tattoo. This type of fatback is mostly caused from drinking beer and eating large pizzas all by themselves. Possibly a major portion of their freshman fifteen.
Damn, that sorostitute has a serious case of the fatback!!
by JRatt June 17, 2005

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