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Oakville is an awesome town that houses some of the coolest and also richest people in Canada. I'm sorry to hear that everyone enjoys writing definitions that contain incredible jealousy. You really don't know oakville kids and you're simply jealous of their good fortune, therefore you act like complete ignorant fools and insult us. Maybe if you took time out of your "horrible lives" you could get to know us. Also, if it wasn't for the tax payers of Oakville I seriously doubt that you'd be receiving your welfare checks each month.
Mississauga kid: f***ing oakville kids live in a big bubble
Oakville kid: get a job you dirty binder and stop critisizing us because your jealous of our parent's money
Mississauga kid: yo dog you got beef, youz a hater
Oakville kid: learn how to talk or get out of my country, I'm ashamed I pay taxes to keep you in school
by JPS123 May 29, 2005

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