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1. a half-hearted or silly attempt at some endeavor in order to demonstrate its futility.


1. of or having to do with silly yet futile endeavors.
Is BP actually expecting to stop the leak, or is this merely a quackbatch attempt at getting the government to take over?

Susan collected the quackbatch data for the sole purpose of demonstrating the pointlessness to her adviser.
by JPHilo June 22, 2010
1. Psychology. a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas that gives rise to the need to micromanage the lives of others.
2. the uncontrollable urge to describe in condescending detail exactly what is wrong with you and how it can be fixed.
Mary revealed her deeply embedded momplex by carefully explaining to Bill why he was unhappy with his girlfriend and cheerfully describing what the world would be like if he weren't such a tool.

Keep your momplex in the holster! I'm not broke so don't try to fix me!
by JPHilo May 11, 2011
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