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Scuzzlebutt is a creature that lives up on this very mountain, and kills anybody who dares climb to the top.

It loves the taste of blood, and likes to add pieces to its deformed body.

On his left arm, instead of a hand, he has.... A piece of celery.

He walks with a limp. Because one of his legs is missing. And where his leg should be, there's nothing but........Patrick Duffy.

So he lives alone on this mountain, and weaves baskets, and other assorted crafts. They say that on quiet nights you can hear him weaving his baskets. Tahink, tahink , tahink
1) Maybe it's Scuzzlebutt coming to weave us into wicker baskets.

2) I am Scuzzlebutt, Lord of the Mountains. Behold my Patrick Duffy leg.

3) Dude, it's Scuzzlebutt! Cartman wasn't lying.
by JPEXS September 29, 2006

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