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95 definitions by JP

To charge an absorbent seat cushion by filling it with ass gas, only to leave and watch as an unsuspecting victim sits on the seat, discharging its noxious fumes.

N.B.: One must use only well cushioned, cloth seating surfaces in the act of hot seating. Leather and vinyl will simply deflect the rectal poisons, gassing the rookie conspirator.
Why did Professor Johnson just run out into the hall, crying?

Oh, I hot seated his desk chair before class. It must have been a bad one; I ate some dried apricots this morning.
by jp April 09, 2005
44 27
1) To wax philosophical to promote your own agenda.

2) To get your message across to a number of people.
Michael Moore and Ann Coulter spend too much time soapboxing and not enough time not being stupid.
by JP May 08, 2004
26 9
A wonderfully entertaining web stie created by the great Steve Ibsen. Responsible for such creations as "The Kitty Cat Dance" and "The Sexy Little Panda Bear"
Oh man, have you checked out g-shack lately? That's some funny stuff!
by jp August 04, 2004
35 21
What President Bush says when he forgets his scripted answer and makes an accidental allusion to the most significant form of religious imperialism of all time.
Reporter: Well Mr. Bush, what are we going to do about these terrorists?

Bush: Well, we're going to conduct a crusade...

Reporter: *Cringe*
by JP May 01, 2004
45 32
One of the biggest radio stations in the DC/Metropolitan area. Launched many no-name bands into MTV stardom. Broadcasted for 36 years until it was suddenly and tragically changed into a crappy salsa station by the evil Infinity Radio corporation.
The legendary 99.1 wHFS, the TRUE alternative...
by JP January 13, 2005
26 16
A.K.A. Redneck. Slang. Finnish language equivalent for Redneck. noun or verb
Your shirt is so Juntti
by JP July 16, 2003
13 3
a woman who guzzels seamen (or cum)
nancy's mom is a whore she guzzeles my cum daily
by jp July 06, 2003
28 18