2 definitions by JOHN J GILLINAHAULLER

this is a complex definition, a master fucker can be may thing as the list that fallows
1) a peson who is extreamly good at sex( you have to at least have sex 4 times a day)
2) a person simmalar to a pimp by haveing sex with many women at the same time
3) a man of woman who has made there partner Cumm all over themselves
4)a peson who ruins lives and is a Computer Fucker(see compter fucker). this person resembles a derek
5)a man who can masterbate at least 10 times a day
6)someone who is so nerdy that he becomes attractive(inspite of his nerdy ness he is a very good love maker)
7) a very larger Penis
8)a man or a woman who doesn't even have to have sex to make there partner cumm
9)a teacher that gives a fuck load of homework and eats your tests
10)someone you hate very stongly
"wow holey shit i came in like 4 seconds he is a MASTER FUCKER"

"yeah i'm a master fucker for christ sake i did you moma and you dady at the same time"

"god damn that master fucker made me jizz on myself"

" damn that computer fucker is also a master fucker"

" Those valley twins are master fuckers"

"Damn he has a master fucker"

"that was weird all i had to do was look at that master fucker and i came"

"our science teacher is a master fucker"

yo bro you a master fucker now get outa my grill"
by JOHN J GILLINAHAULLER September 20, 2006
a young boy or man who loves to have sex with his computer such as a derek. this boy is usualy very fat and is a loser. he will become the inventor of robot sex.also a computer fucker can be a person who messe with people's computers by fucking the floppy drive.
i hate him so much im hireing a computer fucker to screw up his life.
by JOHN J GILLINAHAULLER September 20, 2006

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