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1.When, no matter how little the person worked at something, he still finds the quality of his/her work is a vast improvement on the second runner-up, or junior varsity status.

2.Fucking shit up on a daily at everything you attempt, effortlessly.

3.Pullin bitches in a public library
1-Yeah, so I turned the Research Paper in 7 weeks late, two days after the semester ended, and only got a 95 on it because I used the word 'fuck' 12 times. Fuckin A that's varsity status!

2-"Jason, how do you effortlessly fuck shit up on a daily at everything you attempt? "
"well, Brianne, all I can say is this; Varsity Status. I'm sorry to say it, but you're still in the JV women's league, and that's not good."

3- Girl- "Are you a huge fan of religious reading material, too?"
Jason- "Hey, I'll be God. You be the Virgin Mary. Want to meet up later?"
by JMoritz September 21, 2011

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