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The act of grinding on a random person-particually on a male- in a bar while he is paying his tab.
Random Guy: Wait! I am boom boom powing right now! Gimme a sec.
by Jmaster July 16, 2012
Basically an unscientific way of making clones. Everyone in their "clique" meets at the mall and just chills. They travel in large packs because if they get in a fight they will lose misbribally and mess up their hair, but will look like they have friends in the process. Scene is one step below transfestite.
Hey, I'm scene. I deserve to get kicked in the face by complete strangers.
by JMaster November 24, 2005
A piece of crap. I could probably make better music with my butt. Clearly, anyone who listens to them does because everyone else is. They cannot preform live mostly because their lead singer cannot sing, which kind of defeats the purpose of even having a band.
I would rather bite the head off a snake than listen to a Fall Out Boy song.
by JMaster November 24, 2005
A piece of crap emo band. Most people that say they are hardxcore TBS fans really have only listened to one of their songs, but figure since the really deep kid that brings his guitar to school listens to them, they must be cool. Also see fag.
OmGGzz, lyke IM me at soolasstsummmerrrr or I will cute without the e myself LOLZ! I heart TAKING BACK SUNDAY!! AHH SHOWSS!
by JMaster November 24, 2005

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