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A boy who's in great shape, ripped from top to bottom. Good hearted soul who catches the short end of the stick for his mischievous behavior. Can't sit still; driven by a motor. A handsome man with a bad boy image. Knows right from wrong but often makes the wrong decisions. Impulsive, loud and tough as nails. Has an issue with listening; a one track mind. Short tempered but a true sweet heart. Babies love him. Loves the outdoors.
Has a very large penis and likes to show it off. Opens refers to himself in the third power. "The Jody"
All the babies just love that Jody! They smile when they see his face.
I wish Jody would sit down and shut his mouth. Have you seen Jody's penis? OMG, he is hung like a horse.
Jody is a really sweet boy.

I have answered that question three times, Jody. Please close your mouth an listen when I am speaking.
by JMORTON5 February 06, 2010

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