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1 definition by JLyn

Motley Crue was formed in the Early 80's.Band Members include, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee. Their first album was Too Fast For Love. It was releashed in 1981. When they first hit the scene they were concsiderd a glam band. If you look at any pictures from that time, they greatly resemble women. They relesed Shout At The Devil in 1983.
In 1985 they releshed Girls, Girls, Girls. Their imaged changed to hardcore(well for then) including leather Jackets and motorcycles. They then relesed Dr. Feelgood, and Theatre of Pain. During the 80's they were greatly known for there addiction to drugs and sex.
In the 90's, lead singer Vince Neal left the band. They Produced an Album with a differnt lead singer at that time. After that Vince rejoined the group and Tommy left. They then recorded New Tattoo.

Currently, Motley Crue is going on tour, world wide, with all ORIGINAL band members.
Motley Crue Is now on tour, they are worth seeing!!
by JLyn January 30, 2005
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