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When a friend or someone you know with an iPod tells you that he or she has an awesome song that you must listen to, but then plays Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" from the internet phenomenon of Rick Rolling people.

Also used as:
Jeff: Dude, check out this awesome new song from Kelly Clarkson's new album!

Matt: No way?

Jeff: Yeah dude, look! -plays "Never Gonna Give You Up"-

Matt: Damn, I got iRolled again!
#irrolld #iroll #irolled #irolling #rick roll
by JKTehAzn March 30, 2009
This is the common term for people when turning around a wall into a hallway or room, need to turn their ordinary shoulders into 'Evasive Shoulders' by turning their shoulders inward to avoid hitting another person.

Jeff: "Wow, this mall is packed!"

Bobby: "Yeah, you'll really need have Evasive Shoulders today!"

Jeff: "Fo sho!"
#concave shoulders #inward shoulders #evasve shoulders #hallway dodge #traffic jam
by JKTehAzn March 29, 2009
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