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Adj. Short for atrocious. When something is so awful and not even worth saying the full word, it's atrosh. It can be in description of a person, place or thing.
Did you see what she was wearing?

Yeah it was so atrosh. I wouldn't be caught dead in that.
by JK825 June 14, 2007
Verb, To shiavo or get shiavoed is to get so drunk you're incoherrent and - more or less - a vegetable. Comes from the media/government hype after Teri Shiavo's life was fought between congress and her family.
Tonight I'm getting shiavoed and probably passing out in a gutter somewhere.
by JK825 June 14, 2007
An accronym, stands for: So F*cking Dead To Me. To be used in regular online conversations when it gets too annoying to spell it all out. Usually occurs after someone pisses you off, forgets something for you, or was just born to annoy you.
'Friend': Hey, sorry I forgot you at the pub. I got pissed and then ended up going home with a stranger. Where were you?
Me: Sod off, you're SFDTM.
by JK825 June 14, 2007

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