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The Springfield XD is a striker-fired, polymer framed handgun produced in Croatia and licensed to Springfield Armory in the USA. It comes in a variety of calibers (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 acp) and features a 1911-style grip safety. The 2008 models also include a thumb safety. The handgrips are reputed to be highly ergonomic. They bear a superficial resemblance to GLOCK pistols.
Springfield XD -- like a Glock, only better.

I prefer my Springfield XD compact to the Glock as a concealed carry piece. The grip safety makes me feel more comfortable going out in public "cocked and locked" while carrying concealed.
by JJRtwu2008 March 20, 2008
"Cocked and locked" refers to a method of carrying a pistol, often a 1911 gov't model semiauto, with a round already in the chamber and the hammer cocked back and ready to fire. It is a term coined by police who carry 1911 pistols in this manner. Usually the holster strap is inserted between the hammer and firing pin for safety, which is snapped open when needed for a fast draw. It is actually safe to carry a 1911 model pistol in this way because of the redundant safety mechanisms such as the 1911's grip safety and thumb safety to protect against any accidental discharge until the weapon is on target and the shooter is ready to fire.
I like to carry my 1911 Colt Commander "cocked and locked" in my concealment holster when I go out. I want to be instantly ready for action if I have to draw. Having to rack your slide before firing could potentially get you killed.
by JJRtwu2008 March 20, 2008
According to the ATF, A firearm designed fire more than one bullet with a single pull of the trigger. They are highly regulated and require a lot of expensive bureacratic paperwork and a squeaky-clean record to acquire the Class III Federal Firearms License needed to legally own one. The M-16A2 would technically fall under this category because of its ability to fire in 3-round bursts.

AR-15s, civilian semiauto AK-47 clones, etc, ARE NOT MACHINE GUNS. The most common AK-47 variant in the US civilian market is the Romanian-built WASR-10, imported by Century Arms, because it is the least expensive AK. Although similar in appearance, they DO NOT fit the definition of MACHINE GUN because they fire one and only one round with a single pull of the trigger, which means they are semi-automatic. An AR-15, despite its similarity to an M-16, is not the same thing. Vietnam-era M-16s were true MACHINE GUNS also, capable of fully automatic fire. The Pentagon brass found this to be a waste of ammo and restricted later models to 3 round burst mode as the only option for selective fire.
Machine guns are mainly carried by the military and only rarely found in civilian hands.

The belt-fed American M-60 machine gun is based on an earlier German model from World War 2.

Most ordinary Americans can't tell the f*cking difference between a real machine gun and a semiautomatic like the WASR-10 or AR-15. Unfortunately the News media and politicians are similarly misinformed, to the detriment of all.
by JJRtwu2008 March 20, 2008
French Slang for MacDonalds restaurants.
Je deteste l'MacDo et le mondalisation.

I detest MacDo(nalds) and globalization.
by JJRtwu2008 March 20, 2008
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