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When one ejaculates into a menstruating women and the creampie produced turns liquid and red, slightly creammy. Consumption is optional.
My love made me a full English, and a raspberry smoothie it was very nutritional.
by JJPno.1 October 02, 2013
It is where the labia of the woman is chubby and sagging in nature, also covered in a thin bristle and layer of wet slime, reminiscent of Jabba the Hutt.
Ah yeah she right Jabba!

Jabba the Cunt almost trapped my fingers.
by JJPno.1 October 02, 2013
Its when one, by unfortunate circumstances, either pierces the tissue paper or holds the tissue to far forward whilst wiping ones anus resulting in one having brown coloured fingers with brown tissuey felt stuck to the end.
John: Ah, for fuck sake Dave, I felt tipped my fingers again!

Dave: Yeah alright mate! Wash your nails before you finger jenny.
by JJPno.1 October 03, 2013

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