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2 definitions by JJAM

Someone who seems to go out with every person in a group of friends
Luke: Would You say Kelly is a Village Bicycle?
Ollie: Yes i suppose she is.
by JJAM May 10, 2007
The most amazing girl in the world, she’s beautiful, smart, funny, really athletic and a bit crazy. No one is more fun than her and she has the best curly hair and a perfect smile. You could get lost in her eyes and she’s always so sweet. A cute accent that just makes you want to talk to her all day and an amazing personality to go with it. She has a great work ethic and so much ambition. Truly special one of a kind girl.
Jacob: dude do you see that girl over there she’s an angel!

Jesse: of course she is her name is Pary
by jjam February 01, 2014