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3 definitions by JGB

A delinquent partial turd which grasps anal shrubery causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers.
My wife tells me that I need to wipe my ass better because my dingleberries are making my underware a nasty mess, however I like the idea of her down in the basement doing laundry and cleaning up my foul nasty underware.
by JGB April 17, 2003
6432 2871
The tiny round turd ball that you mistakeny leave plastered to your ass despite diligent wipage.
Damn, is that a stickpea i feel down there (ass)?
by JGB April 17, 2003
8 4
Combination of cruel and brutal.
Traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway is crutal during the morning rush hour.
by JGB August 14, 2005
7 9