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A Hog in a desperate attempt to escape from Nooger and Coquette' (see def. for Nooger and Coquette')
El cuche died in an desperate attempt to escape the Alliance. He was captured and killed while stuck in a fence opening at the VCC
by JFP PRODUCTIONS July 20, 2003
An unbetable fearse creature when it comes to talking. This creature poseses the power to keep talking at all times. It will help punk Jorhoes at any time a Jorhoe attacks verbaly.
The Beak attacked a Jorhoe verbaly a week before he was fired
by JFP PRODUCTIONS July 20, 2003
A rather disturbing rare creature with a melon size head. It is in association with Nooger in a quest to find the ture meaning of Human Brutality
Nooger and Coquette form a Deadly Alliance to overtake CUCHES
by JFP PRODUCTIONS July 20, 2003

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